medical cannabis

UK Company

PLF Pharma was founded and operates in the UK in purpose built premises removing cross border complications.


We are in the process of becoming euGMP certified ensuring consistent, compliant pharmaceutical grade quality.


Our purpose built indoor cultivation facility is carbon neutral as we produce 1.2MW of renewable power onsite from two wind turbines.


We control and measure every step of the process, from genetics to final prescription, for seed to patient traceability.

About PLF Pharma

PLF Pharma is a UK based pharmaceutical company that cultivate and process high THC cannabis for medicinal use. Since 2015 the company has engaged in R&D whilst working with industry regulators and respected partners towards becoming the first established seed to sale producer of class leading cannabis based medicinal products.

Medical Cannabis

Cannabis has unofficially been used as a medicine for centuries. Medical Cannabis has been legal in the UK since 2018 and as with any new legislation surrounding medicine, the pace of progress has been influenced by legislative and regulatory measures. PLF Pharma has been at the forefront of these developments.

Patient Access

Access to medical cannabis products continues to frustrate patients with complex procedures. A few factors contribute to this not least the lack of a UK domestic producer. PLF Pharma aim to simplify the prescription process in partnership with a NHS Laboratory to ensure that patients can access safe, effective medicines with traceable provenance.

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