PLF Pharma Improve Access to Medical Cannabis

Despite being legally available in the UK since 2018, Patients still face a long process when accessing medical cannabis.

There are 8 million chronic pain sufferers in the UK.

*1.8m or 22.5% of these people currently buy cannabis from the illegal market to self-medicate.

85% of the UK population are not aware that they can get a cannabis prescription.

100% of medicinal cannabis products are currently imported into the UK which means products can be of inferior quality and of inconsistent supply.

*YouGov Survey 2022

The Solution

PLF Pharma cultivates and extracts cannabis which is then formulated in partnership with the NHS giving a robust supply chain and ensuring a consistent, high quality supply of cannabis medicines that can be relied on by both prescribers and patients.

PLF Pharma products will be supplied through the NHS and private clinics.

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